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Great question. Activating a muscle group helps to build strength and endurance in that area. When I say “activate” I really just mean engage or use. I want you to squeeze all of the muscles in the focus area every time I say ‘activate’. You still want to be able to breathe and function normally, so please don’t squeeze so hard it impedes your ability to function.

You can start the two-week challenge any time that is suitable to you! That could be a Monday, Wednesday, Summer, Winter, it’s entirely up to you and your schedule. However, once you do start, you must complete each day in sequential order.

I recommend you attempt to complete each workout as scheduled for optimal results. However, this is your journey and if for whatever reason you cannot complete a particular workout, that’s OK too.

At the end of the day, only you know what your body needs. If you need to add a rest day in between workouts, that’s totally fine. Just pick up from where you left off when you can.

This really depends on you and your lifestyle. The time you have available to workout will differ for everyone, so the best time to workout is anytime you can set aside where there will be no distractions or interruptions. This is you time so make the most of it.

172 Responses

  1. Started the challenge today and was able to complete all 3 tasks.
    Thankyou Schellea so much❤
    God bless you????

  2. Perfect timing! Thank you. I’m a frontline COVID-19 /trauma healthcare worker. After a first ever meltdown this week of crying I decided I can do this! I can be a light but I have to do a bit more for me. My house husband is awesome but I -me need to do something for me. And here this is.

  3. We are loving this! We, my sister and I, have been working out to your videos for a month and so glad we found your videos! We are feeling stronger and more alive!

  4. I did your workout plus rode my stationary bike plus walked with my neighbor. I had my 10,000 steps in before 8 am. I love your videos!!

  5. I did the walk this morning and will finish the workout after I get home from work. Thank you so much! I love your workouts! And, you keep me inspired!

  6. Just finished the first day and loved it. I have a suggestion: When I went to youtube, the 1 mile walk was there, and then the arms followed it, but the 3rd set was not the stretch. I find it’s better to go to the actual 14 day site. But, the address to click is located at the bottom of the little blurb under the 1 mile walk. I think a lot of people may be confused about how to get to the 14 day challenge site. You should put the address to click at the beginning of the blurb and emphasize it somehow.

  7. Dear Shellea, I just stumbled acroos this challenge by accident yesterday evening..perfect timing! Todays workouts were fab…Thankyou. I love your voice and am delighted to have found you. ????
    Best wishes from Austria,

  8. Looking forward to this challenge! Unfortunately, I get an error message when I try to download the Accountability Planner, I will make up my own.

  9. This is fab Shellea, thankyou so much, this is just perfect for me. I’ll definately be doing it xx

  10. not able to print the accountablility planner. I put requested information and it says: Unable to submit your request. Please contact the website administrator

  11. Hi, I am enjoying the 14 day challenge! I would really love to print the planner but I am unable to download it. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. If so can you help me? Thank you

  12. Thanks for this great challenge.
    I have a question about the order of the workouts. Are we doing them from left to right?

  13. I just did it, but I add more videos to it, 20 minutes isn’t enough time for me… It’ really works…you should put up a 45 minute workout.

  14. Schellea you need to make an App..so we can have it on our phones and iPads all the time..there is so much on YouTube having your very own app would be fabulous. ????

  15. I can see the days play list for the challenge but – do I work from right to left on the different activities (as I understand it’s good to stretch before a workout), or do I work from left to right?

  16. I absolutely love your fabulous 50s exercises. Now that I have found you I enjoy doing some of your classes as often as possible. Thank you so much for making exercise fun ????

  17. Ty very much for the Fabulous 50s. I am 68 years old and I starting doing your exercise about 2 months ago. Love them they are not really hard to do and I have lost weight and doing the arm exercises they look so much better. When I am done exercise I do your 5 min stretch to cool down.

  18. Good day. I still can’t open the videos. It just gives me the downloadable schedule. Please help.

  19. Greetings from Massachusetts! I just did day 1. I just turned 50 and moderately fit, but I felt it was a really productive work out! Very relaxed now after the cool down and ready to start my day feeling amazing. So grateful to have found your website. 🙂

  20. Really excited about this 14 day challenge! So far its brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the results. Thank you 🙂

  21. Showing the floor exercises on a chair would help those of us that can’t get down to the floor yet. 🙂

  22. Thanks so much for doing this, Schellea! I’m committed to doing all three videos and more every day. I already exercise every day, but now I am trying some of your routines that I have never done before. Your encouragement is very meaningful!!!

  23. I would like to thank you Schellea for your inspiration. You are a bright light shining at the start of my day. I am in NZ but my partner has had to remain in the USA from Feb until Nov due to covid19 and work commitments. My trip to the Uk to see my elderly mother and daughter has been put on hold. The upside we are all managing to stay in contact thanks to the internet! You have helped to keep me upbeat during a difficult period and reminded me of what is important in life.You are a star…. and now to start the challenge tomorrow morning!

  24. So glad I’ve found your website and your YouTube channel. You’ve inspired me to do regular exercise and I am really enjoying. Thank you, you’re amazing ????

  25. First love your channel and you! I have been using your videos..I was excited for this challenge but was disappointed already ???? sorry to say! Can you please try using some different music in your videos and this isn’t much of a challenge especially today..it’s only the third day and it’s only really a 6 minute AB workout. I’m finding it very difficult to get motivated. I know you took a poll and people said on Saturday & Sunday they wanted light but not the second and third day maybe starting next weekend would have been better! Please please new songs!!

  26. Does it matter which order we do the three daily work outs in? If so should we start left to right?

  27. I have always been active in my life. But I have found, however, that now that I am in my 50s, I need to modify my workout along with: how I take care of myself, how I dress, how I wear makeup and how I view my life all together. I have discovered joy and satisfaction in that I do NOT need to compete and “be an athlete” anymore. By watching you, Schell, I have found myself being ever so grateful for this mighty body that has carried my spirit for these many years, for creating 3 men, for starting over from zero when I divorced and for feeling totally comfortable in a bikini:) I welcome this challenge with enthusiasm and joy!

  28. I just want to say Thank You so much, I’m 52 and just started working out on a daily basis since the end of March, looking forward to do this 14 day challenge and see the results!!

  29. Thank you for your workouts I started today. I felt great after the workout, hope this will keep me motivated to continue. Thanks again You look fabulous

  30. Thank you so much ???? I am having so much fun doing this challenge! It really gives me something to look forward to ???? thank you again. Sending love and a warm hug right to you! Christine

  31. Thank you for sharing so much of your wonderful energy and spirit.

    See ya at the challenge.

    Old long in the tooth challenger!

  32. I am glad I am doing this,but need some modifiers for the Runner Stretch and Cat Cow. I am not very good at it. This is my third day I do feel good. This is my 10th day without pop.Trying to feel better.

  33. I started the challenge on Saturday but have been doing your workouts for a few months at least .

  34. Just completed day 4 and ready to start the day. I am so enjoying the new routines : a mixture of new and older exercises for fitness and well-being. Today not only was l treated to my favourite stretch but introduced to a new longer routine too which l think is fabulous. For those ladies that want more then Schell has made many videos, simply add them to a play list! This challenge is accompanying me to North Devon next week…. Not giving up even on my holiday…… Keep them coming????????????

  35. Thank you Schellea for this 2 week commitment. I thought the music for day 1 walk was a bit slow and I’m 65. Looking to get my bat wings in shape before my daughters wedding. I’ve done a few of yours but any additional help from anyone is greatly appreciated. I love your workouts!

  36. I am not yet 50 until Aug 24, But I found that these workout are a lot better then the other ones I use to day. I started the 14 challenge workout today.
    Thanks Sharon.

  37. Thanks so much for the 14 day challenge!! Doing it! I am active, cycle, do yoga, strength and balance classes and am enjoying your workouts immensely, oh and I am 72 years young!!

  38. Came across your site early in lockdown and have been doing your routines pretty much every day. My husband is amazed I have stuck with it. Have got weights now and a mat. Lost 2 inches off my waist. Yay! Thanks for your inspiration. ????????

  39. Thank you for all of your love and dedication to keeping us “wise ladies” fit and active. I love the 14 day challenge and the variety of exercises!

  40. This is a fabulous challenge. I’ve been doing the exercise videos every day and am already seeing and feeling a big difference. Thank you so much once again

  41. This is so great ????… I watched your videos before but this challenge has me motivated and working out every day! You are amazing!

  42. I have been doing your walking work out for about a month. I have gone from 200+ to under 200. Reached that goal this week. Now that I’m doing you workout on a daily bases. I would love to see different levels of intensity in each move low/med/high to challenge myself. there are moves I could not do a month ago like standing on my toes for
    30 seconds. I did that one for all the 30 seconds for the first time today. Love all the walk and toning in one workout. AWSOME!!!!! I need to loss more and I know if I stick to your workouts everyday. It will happen. I lose 1 to 3 pounds a month and I keeps going down.

  43. Love this challenge missed couple days so dine them all to day just swapping tues and thurs to Mona day thurs as do aerobic hit and power classes three times a week

  44. I have never been in favour of vigorous exercise programmes. Whatever your age is they only offer unnecessary stress which does more harm than good. Little has changed biologically since we have become erect. What we need is ‘continuous activity’ which is not too strenuous. I have been following the 14 day challenge and I am very much enjoying it. It works the major muscle groups gives a little bit of heart rate and sweat. That is all we need….Thank you.

  45. I’ve always hated exercise and but I’ve been motivated since I started your workouts. They are bite-size so I do one and then I do another and another and just stop when I’ve had enough. I’ve felt some benefit from it too.

  46. Absolutely brilliant…thank you. You have made such a difference to my life and change my perception of Exercise.. It is actually fun and I can do it!!!!!!! Loving the challenge so far from UK

  47. Finally!! A program that I am able to stick to, and enjoy!! Love your videos. Thank you .. I already feel better!

  48. Your 14 day challenge is really helping me to be disciplined with daily exercise. I have rheumatoid arthritis and been looking for workouts that aren’t high impact, yours are perfect the only thing I haven’t been able to do is downward dog dur to wrist and ankle damage. Feeling better physically and mentally after day 6, thank you.

  49. Hi Schellea – I have started your fantastic 14-day challenge with my partner, we are doing it together. We thought to let you know that during your 1/2 time break there was a ‘earwax’ video that went on for well over 5 minutes and it ended up with us warming down somewhat. The whole advert thing may be outside of your control but we thought to inform you in any case. We love your videos, your energy and your outlook. Very cool. Thanks! Annie

  50. July 29, just finished Day 6 vids. ( started Day 1 last Friday). Not only that, I’m happy to report, I felt so good & able, that yes, I did a whole extra one! I did the one Shellea suggests for next if you feel up to it That was “ 10 minute tone your arm workout with weights ..” As she says, you can leave off the weights
    Thanks, Schellea!????

  51. Love this challenge! I think when I,m done with it, I‘ll start over again.????
    You have taken out all the guess work and I can just have fun with it!
    Thanks for this fantastic idea! Your the best, Shellea!!! ????

  52. I just wanted to tell you that at the end of the first day of the 14-Day Challenge, when I placed my hands on my face I felt a release and then sobbed for a few seconds! What?! Anyone else, or do I need professional intervention? Actually, I am enjoying these routines so much. Each day is different and not just a repeat of the day before. For someone who thrives on variety, that works for me! Thanks for doing these for us!

  53. Been doing your workouts since lockdown and loving the variety.So when your fourteen day challenge came up I decided to give that a go also and enjoying doing it. To be honest I think I’m now addicted to exercise as I do them everyday, if I miss a day I do double the next day whether it’s the challenge or just daily workout. Thankyou so much from sunny Glasgow Scotland

  54. I am absolutely LOVING this! I first found Fabulous 50s back in early May and have worked out with you every day since. Even the challenge day I “took off” (it was near 100 degrees here and I have no a/c) I still did a couple of the stretching ones and a floor workout. I can really tell how my body has “tightened up” and that my strength and stamina have definitely increased. And at age 70, I’m here to tell you that’s pretty fabulous! Thanks, Schellea!

  55. I’ve been doing your workouts since lockdown started. Now I’ve well and truly got the exercise habit and am loving this challenge. Finding it hard to shift weight due to menopause, but since starting this challenge, it’s finally starting to reduce. Thank you ❤❤❤

  56. I just recently started doing your workouts and I love them. This is exactly the workout routine that I need and its fabulous! Thank you Schellea!

  57. Can’t believe the challenge is almost 1/2 way over! Been doing all the exercising and always look forward to the next day. I’ve never been able to stick with an exercise program before, until now. Also, you are right – smiling while you work out really does help! Never would have thought of it. You are just full of great ideas! I am 66 with lots of weight to lose, but after doing your programs since March, I am well on my way to making a difference in my life. When this pandemic is finally over and I return to church, I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when I have dropped down a few dress sizes!

  58. Thank you so much for your video’s! I started the 14-day challenge 5 days ago and have been exercising every morning until today. Never, in my whole life, I have been exercising 5 days in a row! Feeling good about myself and grateful for your support and motivation.

  59. Awesome challenge, and great to be able do the days when it fits you. Since lockdown I joined your youtube workouts for my exercise. Greetings and thank you from Sweden! You are fabolous!

  60. I have finished the first week! I found day 5 workout to be the hardest one for me! Excited to start week 2 of the 14 day challenge.

  61. I am having SO MUCH FUN with this challenge. I think we should do it several times each year! Maybe quarterly. Schellea, you don’t have to record different videos, you have so many good ones already. I like having a plan each day, and I usually do more than is suggested.

    I especially like the walking workouts. I walk outside every day, so I didn’t think I need them, but they are very, very, fun and good for me!!


  62. Ive been enjoying these workouts since April, I think and was wishing for more – and here it is! The Challenge came at just the right time! I officially started Day One on Monday and I feel good about this new and fun commitment! The variety is really good, too. Thank you!!

  63. Go Schellea, I’ve been working out with you since June 11th and now half way through the `14 day challenge. Loving it. Will you do a routine for back fat some time.
    Thank you for everything. PS PLEASE tell where you get the fab workout tops with the slit in front??? Gotta get one!

  64. Had a terrible bout of vertigo in late May, decided to take control of that and the menopause symptoms, have worked out pretty much every day since the 15 June, not seeing effects on scales but feeling the effects everywhere, thanks for inspiring me and this is now part of every day x

  65. Hello Shellea..with regards to the first video of the 2nd week challenge…..the last routine is 20 minutes balance work out but when u click on the video it takes you to 10 minutes strech work out…just want bring it to your notice….thank you…lots of love Vrinda

  66. We think it’s fantastic. Hubby and I have been doing the 30 minute fast walk routine with Schellea throughout the quarantine period. We have enjoyed it so much. We both decided to do the 14 day challenge. I am nearly 60 and hubby is nearly 70. We are absolutely loving it and yes it is a challenge as it is so hot at the moment in Mallorca Spain. But thank you Schellea for all your fab videos and hard work you do for us. You are simply the best fabulous 50s. Best wishes keep safe and well from Debra and Manoloxxxxxx

  67. I love your workouts Schellea, I had lost my motivation for exercise over the last year. Your videos, as well as this challenge have given me inspiration to get back on track. Thank you 🙂

  68. I’m really enjoying these workouts! The challenge is keeping me motivated. I especially appreciate the walking workouts- great for when it’s too hot or too rainy to walk outside.

  69. Hi Schellea! I love your videos! I enjoy the pace of the music and the variety of every workoutsession. Every time I try an other faster paced workout, I always end up injuring myself and need several days to recover. Tomorrow is day five of the 14day workout challenge and I really look forwards to it. I am also trying out some makeuptips and menopause supplements. I am only 47 years old however, I am really grateful I found you!

  70. Hello Schellea, thank you so much your workouts. Some truly tough, almost forgot I had other muscles in my body! LOL. I do love the workouts. I went back to work in June. I’ve been working 50 hour weeks at a computer. You have inspired me ,to make myself a better me! Thank you for that. Truly appreciate it! I would like to know one thing though, your music would you be willing to share who is on your workouts? I’d love to add them to a play list when I walk on my breaks. Gotta get those ten thousand steps in a day. Thank you again. Your awesome!!!!!!

  71. Have been a huge fan of your page for 18months. Your daily stretches for over 50’s & better posture videos have been a game changer for my chronic back pain. I’m so grateful for your time, effort & passion in putting all these videos and info blogs together.
    I’ve just finished day 5 of the 14 day challenge and I am just loving it !! Feeling incredibly motivated !! Thank you ????

  72. Loving these workouts so much that I want to start it over when I reach day 14 so I can do a 28 day! So curious to see how I will feel after 28;days because you say we should be working out everyday and I didn’t think that was possible but with your workouts it is! Thanks so much!!! ❤️????

  73. Hi Shellea, I’m loving every minute of this. You know how to motivate us and keep us going! One question: the third video for Day 8 was listed as “20 Minute Balance Over 50,” however, now it has changed to “10 Minute Daily Stretch.” Could you please explain what’s happening? Am I in the right 14 Day Challenge? Thank you very much.

  74. Thank you so much.. I’m feeling so full of energy and motivated now. I’m down six pounds and I’m so excited. Right now I’m on day 11.. is 14 day challenges excellent.

  75. Having trouble finding images to set up planner started july 24 have been doing everyday same thing please Help

  76. Hi There! Thank you so much for this exercise resource! Will it continue to be available after the 14day period? I got a little off track and would like to start from scratch!

  77. I enjoy your 14 day challenge. As soon as I wake up in the morning I start my day with your 14 day’s work out plus additional workouts. For eg I do arms, knees, belly, legs, balancing and walking work outs extracted from your website everyday. Am I doing too much? I am now 63 yrs. feel happy that my body can take more than the 14 day challenge. Thanks Schellea for your hard work. I also want to try hula hooping very soon.
    Lots of love from Jay -London

  78. I just started to follow your exercises videos and I love them. I am on the 11th day of the 14 challenge. I love the fact that these 14 days are versatile. I don’t get bored and I look forward to the next day. I would like to continue to repeat the 14 days challenge, until you come up with similar challenge exercises for a longer period of time. I do three videos on toning arms two with dumbells and one without + one of the 14 days. All together, I do an hour and half exercises every day. I need to tone my arms. Which videos would you recommend? After the 14 days challenge, will you be making similar video? If not what would you recommend to continue with daily exercises to lose weight?

  79. Hello from Florida! I’m on Day 4 of the challenge and lovin’ it, thanks Schellea! Have an amazing day everyone.

  80. Is there going to be a different 14 day challenge, or do I repeat the first one ?

    I really enjoyed this challenge. I was surprised – it all felt relatively easy, peasy but I felt it the next day !

  81. The videos are amazing. You have impacted my life dramatically. Please look at my post under the fab 50’s community. Ive had over 400 of responses in support of my new journey. It is in part of you shelle. Thank you.
    Suggestion floor excercises can’t do sugeest alternatives. I did stand up abs in place of floor abs. Thank you for everything.????

  82. Love your workouts. I started about 2 months into this virus. It has really helped with being alone ❤️

  83. Just finished my 14 days. Great workouts! There are several songs I really like, any way to get a copy of your playlists?

    Thanks, amie

  84. I’m on Day 12 today, I’m loving the 14 day challenge. I feel more flexible than when I started and I’ve lost 5lbs. When I finish I’m going to start it all over again. Thanks Schellea you are an inspiration.

  85. Just completed your 24 days challenge today let’s just fantastic made me feel great
    Thank you Shellea sooooo much????????????
    May I suggest you coach us to videos of some dance moves convenient for our age group which I’m sure you master
    I think that would be fabulous

  86. I am 65! Finished your 14 day challenge on August 6th. Kept me motivated, because sometimes I just do not feel like exercising. I have arthritis in both hips, so some of the leg raising exercises were too painful for me to complete. Rested yesterday, will start back up today. Thanks.

  87. So far ???? so good. I am working my way through the 14 day challenge. When I have completed the challenge I think I will use your template to customize a 14 routine that works around my schedule; i.e. shorter routines on busy days and longer routines on weekends. The short routines are wonderful as even on a very busy day I can do a few of the short routines. Thank you ???? for creating the workout routines.

  88. OMG ! I finished the second day set of exercises (3 tasks)
    Wow…..I feel really good, THANK YOU SO MUCH SHELLEA.
    I am 61 years of age, lives in Australia,
    Normally I play badminton comps mixed doubles 2-3 days plus my walking with the dog.
    I am looking forward to do all 14 days as we are stage 4 restriction in Melbourne

  89. I completed the 14 day challenge on 8/9/10! It has now given me confidence to continue on to exercise every day. And if I miss a day, that okay or if I can only do 1 of your videos, that’s okay! Thank you!

  90. Thank you so much for providing these inspiring workouts. I’m 56 and broke my ankle in January, after 3 operations and no weight bearing for 3 months you have saved my sanity and finally I feel that every day I am getting stronger… better than physio 3 times a week thank you.

  91. Greetings from my little corner of isolation in Florida! I finished the Challenge and besides feeling fitter, I lost a couple of pounds:) This Challenge took me out of my comfort zone. I always do standing exercises. Rarely do I do floor workouts and I never do extra stretching. I thought the daily exercises complimented each other and enjoyed doing them. Even though I left the 50’s a few years ago, doing your routines makes me feel like I’m still in my Fabulous 50’s! Thank you!

  92. Yeah – I finished the 14 day challenge (but in 15 days) which is such a huge milestone for me. Thank you for your videos and guidance which helped in pushing me forward !!

  93. I finished! Yay me, and yay us! Love love love that each day is a different set up and not a repeat of the day before. This has been a catalyst to keep it going and not lose momentum. Although I walk an additional 2.25 miles to this workout, it became clear my walk only was not enough — as my stiff muscles reminded me! Good wakeup call, I’d say! Love how I can pick and choose my workouts from your selections. Thanks for your hard work to give this to us!

  94. I just finished the 14 day challenge… It was great! It was fabulous! My body feels it and my mind feels it. I just might do it again… Thank you so much, Schellea! I’m so glad that I have found your website…

  95. Just finished day 10 and I’m loving every minute ! I feel great and I’m looking better. Also doing the intermittent fasting, enjoying that too. I’m so glad I found you Schellea, you’ve changed my life. Thank you so much. Sue x

  96. Thank you for sparing and being such a warm, charming and inspirational instructor. Just finished day 6, and feeling good! Sending lots of love from Norway to you and your community <3

  97. Schellea, I absolutely love all your Fabulous over 50 workouts! You are amazing, so encouraging and such a gentle spirit! God Bless you! I have been doing them for a week now and I am feeling great! I look forward to my time doing all your videos.

    Thank you ???? ????

  98. haltedo@gmail.,
    Am Halima Tedoldi from Uganda…thank u Schealla for motivating me and helping me to love myself and value myself more……big hug lots of loveto u

  99. Day 1 and 2 done! Love it ! A little out of breath and I’m hot, but it’s fun! Proud of myself that I did all the workout 😉
    Can’t wait to get access to FB’s private group, it looks really good as a sharing group.

  100. I started late sept had been working sansone walks i love your fab 50 and here in november i geel fabulous im be 72 on april 1 and o look and feel 60 some people say look younger LOL i am so glad you are here for us girls cheering us on encouraging do our best YOU are fabulous!

  101. Thank you for the videos. I am done with the 3rd day of exercise. All the exercises are not too hard on me. Love them. I only have one question. Am I to start the video from left to right sequence or vice verse?

  102. I just want to thank you so much. Not only my body is getting healthier so is my attitude. I eake up feeling as though the Sun is Shining on me, when it’s snowing outside. I can see and feel the difference, a Positive Difference. I do a different workout each day, if feeling energized, I’ll do 2. Thank you again !😊

  103. Thank you so much for your positive attitude during such a hard time. The pandemic has created so much change and so many unknowns. I teach at the elementary level. The day to day struggle to stay safe while teaching in-person and virtually was wearing me down. Then I discovered you on YouTube. I love working out, but I was getting bored with my normal go-to’s. I am not yet in my 50’s but I love your workouts and practical advice for taking care of oneself. You are the calm I was looking for in my workouts. I do your workouts in the morning before school, during my lunch time at school when the kids are not in the room, and after school before leaving for the day to go home. It has helped immensely with anxiety. Thank you! See you tomorrow morning, bright and early!

  104. Hi there Shellea,
    I did the 3500 -step walk with weights (?part of the challenge??), so will start at day 2 and go on from there I think, just moving them around to suit my commitments. Gr8 too, since I tend to do a workout in the morning then veg for the rest of the day – this way, I can spread them out to keep me active all day (and get to bed sooner?!) Love your encouragement.
    Thanks, Teresa

  105. On day seven of the January challenge. I’m loving the workouts. We are in our third lockdown here in Ireland and honestly these workouts really keep my spirit up. I’m 62 and still like working out ….sometimes!!
    Thank you so much Schellea

  106. Hi Shellea, Ive already been doing a Fabulous50 workout every day for 2 weeks or so and starting to feel so much stronger, now started the 14day challenge. Its so varied, I love it. Fits in really well for me to complete in 30 mjns or less chunks of time. Thank you, Lynn

  107. I Started this 14 day challenge to stay in shape for camping. I started on Monday of this week and after just four days I am loving these workouts! Easy to follow, short and they work muscles I haven’t worked in a while. I do my one mile and 30 minute walks outside (because I live in an area that is very suitable for outdoor exercise). I use 3lb weights for the 10 minute Arm Workout over 50. I can’t wait to complete the 14 day challenge and see the results!

  108. I am so happy that I found your channel. I have been working out every day since Jan 1 2021. I missed three days due to illness, but made up for it afterwards. I feel great. My mobility and my flexibility have vastly improved, as well as my strength. My granddaughters all dance and they take great joy when I show them what I can do now and are teaching me some of their dance moves. I really love the 10 minute stretch. It releases so much anxiety and stress and I feel great afterwards. I have completed your 14 day challenge twice. I save the ones I love and keep track of the ones you say should be done every day or so many times a week and am creating my own routine. I have 1 hour every morning all to myself, for myself.
    I have G.E.R.D. and ever since I started taking your apple cider vinegar concoction I have less acid reflex, heartburn and chest pain. All the symptoms have lessened. And it tastes so good the way you have put it together. I love cinnamon.
    Thank you so much. I am glad I let you into my life.

  109. Hi, I’ve just printed the accountability record, but it only gives me the first 7 days of the challenge – I’ve noticed that when I try downloading the challenge as well – you get half. I thought this Is cld be do with Windows, but cld it be a fault with the Fab 50 web design? Has anyone else had similar problems?

  110. Fabulous we are,

    I have really enjoyed your way of daily activities.. Im 63 and I see how important it is to keep our bodies in shape as we age. You are a great inspiration to us all.
    Im looking forward to the 14 day challenge and I will see results as so many of who have joined your daily programs have has such great success. You can count me in for a great stansformation to take place in my body.

    Thank you,Judy Harris

  111. 💌 Thanks so much for the Fabulous 50s challenge. The music is soooooo inspirational and helps to thee moves! YAY!

  112. Thanks so much for getting me motivated during lockdown to get moving.
    These workouts are fun and achievable for me and sometimes my husband joins me.

  113. Yes I had the similar thing happen when I downloaded the challenge It said it was the 7-day challenge but it was only 7 days. I had to do it again and it was the 14-days. My device is a tablet, not Windows but could be it was created on Windows and may be an issue with the scroll. You how Windows are Microsoft thinks it can control everything.

  114. I meant to say 14 day challenge then it was only 7 days. Sorry was not able to edit my post on this oage. Another error.

  115. I just found your videos and have done the belly workout and arm workout (no equipment) twice now. At 60+, it seems harder to keep these areas toned. I am hooked on your workouts already!

    Your comments led me to blog.fabulous50s.com so here I am. I love your warm tone and these workouts are energizing. I will give the challenge a look although I am not sure I need a walk workout with 10km+ bike rides and/or an hour of walking with an Alsatian. 🙂

    Great workouts!
    Joey Olafsson

  116. I’m now on day 7 of the 14 day challenge, and I’m loving it. ❤️ You are an inspiration. The exercises appear quite simple, but after each session I can really feel that burn. I always feel like I’ve had a good workout and that really sets me up for the day ahead.

  117. Dear Schellea,
    Thanks very much for the suggestion. I love it and started today. Your workouts are fabulous, fantastic and keep us moving. I am grateful for all of us for your support to all lovelies ladies around the world
    All the best for you and your family in the new house.

    A giant hug

  118. I’m on day 4, I love these workouts, I can really feel them, plus I walk about 2 miles in the evenings. The challenges keep me motivated more! We should only be in competition with ourselves and striving to be better than who we were yesterday!
    Peace & Love to all

  119. I’m on day 4, I love these workouts, I can really feel them, plus I walk about 2 miles in the evenings. The challenges keep me motivated more! We should only be in competition with ourselves and striving to be better than who we were yesterday!
    Peace & Love

    1. TWow 🤩 You are on fire! And should be so proud of your fabulous self 🙌 Thanks for making me smile Dawn.

  120. I am a little late to the party, but I completed Day 1 this morning followed by the stretch. Love It!

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