Fabulous50s Blog

Schellea Fowler is an energetic 50 something year old who is passionate about health, beauty, wellness and happiness.

Beginning her career far removed from the world of social media, Schellea’s entrepreneurial background is in the operation and development of small business with a particular penchant for conceptual and creative design.

Branching away from business, Schellea has been able to drive her focus to her other main passion; health and wellness and uncovering the world’s leading proponents of longevity for healthy ageing.  It was Schellea’s desire to share her knowledge that gave way to fabulous50’s, a YouTube endeavour that has amassed a loyal audience of over 520k subscribers in just two years, with this number growing daily.

Fabulous50’s is extoled as the authority on leading a healthy and strong lifestyle over 50. Focussing in on health and nutrition, exercise and wellbeing, beauty and fashion…Fabulous 50’s is the holistic lifestyle channel that aims to benefit any and all who press play.

Fabulous 50s was conceived as a platform where women can go for inspiration, motivation and gratitude about life in their 50s and beyond. Fabulous50s ethos is 50+ is an age where women are able to become their true selves, honour who they are and express all the beauty and vitality they embody.

Through Fabulous 50s, Schellea shares the tips and tricks she’s learned (and is still learning!) so that women in their 50s (and more) are empowered to embrace all the great things that reaching their 50’s has to offer. 

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