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Are you up for a little challenge? The 7-day challenge is a collection of workouts designed to get you moving and feeling really, really good about yourself. Each day will target a specific muscle group and include a little cardio to get your blood pumping. You will be challenged. Click on the image below to access the challenge now!


Great question! Activating a muscle group helps to build strength and endurance in that area. When I say ‘activate’ I really just mean engage or use. I want you to squeeze all of the muscles in the focus area every time I say ‘activate’. You still want to be able to breathe and function normally, so don’t squeeze so hard it impedes your ability to function.

You can start the 7 Day Challenge any time that is suitable to you! That could be a Monday, Wednesday, Summer, Winter, it’s entirely up to you and your schedule. However, once you do start, you must complete each day in sequential order.

I recommend you attempt to complete each workout as scheduled for optimal results. However, this is your journey and if for whatever reason you cannot complete a particular workout, that’s OK too.

At the end of the day, only you know what your body needs. If you need to add a rest day in between workouts, that’s totally fine. Just pick up from where you left off when you can.

This really depends on you and your lifestyle. The time you have available to workout will differ for everyone so the best time to workout is anytime you can set aside where there will be no distractions or interruptions. This is you time so make the most of it.

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  1. Love your exercise videos, but the challenge is too long! Can you make a shorter challenge of up to 10 mins/day? If I cut back on this challenge then I’m not really undertaking the challenge, am I? But I can’t give up an hour or thereabouts to do this each day. Please consider a less time-consuming challenge for those of us who can’t find the time for this one.

  2. Hi Schellea! I’ve been doing your videos sInce October 9. I’ve lost 65 pounds doing your workouts and following Weight Watchers. I’m 64 and only need to lose 1 more pound to get to goal! I remember started the 15 minute walking video and at first I would run during the first 30 second segment now I run through all the walking segments! I am doing your 10 Minute AB toning video. I’m challenging myself to do it for 30 days then I will retake my measurements and I’ll let you know! I’m excited to try your 14 day challenge! Every bit of fitness makes me feel better and stronger. I’ve also been doing your arm workouts. The ones with no weights and although my bat wings are still there, my shoulders and biceps are really getting toned. I’ll start the ones with weights this week. I love your videos and am so happy to have found them! I’m off all my blood pressure meds and my doc is happily surprised at my weight loss. I’ve had breast cancer in ‘17 and sarcoma in ‘19. The recovery from the sarcoma surgery was very difficult but I just kept plugging away doing your videos and when I saw the surgeon he was shocked at how much movement I have in my left arm and shoulder. He said he removed so much muscle and tissue he didn’t think I would be able to raise my arm more than a few inches! I know doing your videos has really increased my strength and mobility so now I can raise my left arm almost straight up! Keep making videos and know that you are making a difference in MY life and I’m sure lots of other women’s! You have made my gardening so much easier and more fun!


    Joan O’Brien
    Or as my hubs calls me
    Farmer Joan ????????????‍????

  3. Hi Shellea I have been doing most of your workouts every day since March (Lockdown) and I’ve never felt as good mentally and Physically. Everyone around me, family and friends have noticed. I’m going to say you’ve be my interactive bestie and I can’t thankyou enough ????. I will be doing the 14 day challenge as I love excersising along with you. Take care Shellea with love from Amanda, England ???????? xx

  4. I live in the UK and came across your youtube videos which I think are great. You are an inspiration, thank you.

  5. so we click Friday, so we can start tomorrow?? I am ready to get stronger, Thank you for your love and motivation!!❤????

  6. Hi Schellea, today was the first day of my 14 day challenge. I love it. I struggled with the abs workout though. With a weak core I am not sure how I will master it and I dont want any back injury. Have you done some past abs videos for beginners? You are a true inspiration to me, thank you! Greetings from Upstate New York

  7. Hi. I found you on UTube and feel you are a great fit for me. I’ve been working out, looking at make up application and really enjoy your presentation skills. I feel you were born to do this work. I am good but we have very elderly parents and recently lost a baby grandson unfortunately born very prem. We are strong but I have gained a few extra kilos. I’m planning mum’s 80th on 23 August. I don’t need to look like a 30 year old but I want to feel comfortable and confident on the day. I’ll follow you on this challenge for sure. For me, you are a terrific motivator. Thanks, I’m really looking forward to it and most of all need something like this right now. Yes is my first challenge!

  8. I’ve tried MANY videos.. yours are by far my favorite! It’s only been 4 days, but hey, you have to start somewhere!! I am very excited to start my weight loss journey, I have 30 lbs to lose! Your videos arent overwhelming, hence discouraging.. they’re perfect for someone is just starting. Thank you for everything you do. Sending you hugs all the way from Canada 🙂

  9. I’m keen to do the 14 day challenge starting Friday. Could you tell me how long it takes to do each set of videos, I.e how long is the day workout, 20 mins, 30 mins?

  10. I’ve actually been doing your workouts for 2 months now. I had to stop recently due to a bout with contaminated water but I’m getting back on the program this week. I have lost 8 pounds and feeling good! I REALLY enjoy your balance exercises the most as they have been very helpful with helping me to regain my balance that I once had when I was studying ballet. Thank you!

  11. Hi Shellea! Thank you so much for doing this. I’m excited to start. You are so beautiful and do the most awesome videos

  12. Hi, I have a question for the upcoming challenge. You said to go to the website (here) and click the day and the videos will play. But I’m using Roku on my TV so how do I know which video to play in the daily set?

  13. Hi Shelley I was introduced to you via your rebounding video. I am keen to do the 14 day challenge. Thanks

  14. Hi Shellea, I have been doing your workouts since March and can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed them, particularly as I can create a mix and match approach that never makes exercise boring. Will the 14 day challenge be put on You Tube as well as your website? I can bring You Tube up on the tv which makes it so much easier to follow – it doesn’t make me feel I am on my own. I thought I would do the very last Joe Wicks PE session this morning instead and I kept up by changing some of the more intense, high impact moves for your alternatives – couldn’t have done that back in March!

  15. Hi what time are you starting on Friday. So looking forward to your workout for 14days .. love you channels . Many thanks all the way from England

  16. Hi Shelly..Really lòk forward to start from Friday but since I do your exercise alongwith other workout..Do I now stop other exercises and do only yours..please advice. I really loved your challenge programme fir 14days starting Friday 24th July

  17. Hi Shelly..Really lòk forward to start from Friday but since I do your exercise alongwith other workout..Do I now stop other exercises and do only yours..please advice. I really loved your challenge programme fir 14days starting Friday 24th July

  18. Hi . I’m interesting this. I need to change my body shape. I try to do this workour. Thank you .

  19. Can’t wait to do your 14 day challenge. My first time doing a fitness challenge. Love your quick videos.

  20. As I live in the UK I don’t know what time it will be live for me, because of the time difference to you.

  21. I love working out with you everyday! I am excited to do the 14 day challenge! Your workouts are fun and challenging! Just what I needed right now.

  22. Loving every exercse program you have . Working from home is great (no travel time wasted) but every morning is easier to get up knowing i can work out with you (virtually of course) but i feel like you are with me, thank you for your great workouts and look forward to the 14 day challenge. I am actually not fabulous 50 but scrumptous 60s but fel beter than I did when i was in my 50s thanks to your workouts.

  23. Hi shealla flowler I would like to work out with you on the 14 day challenge I want you to help me lose weight I am to fat and I want you to help me with a work out plan and a eating plan please Chevie Oosthuizen

  24. I’m ready for this challenge, which I find is a good mix of exercises targeting different body parts.. started your workouts from mid feb and haven’t missed a day since, have been doing different exercise each day and I tell you.. what a way to begin your day!!! Thankyou again.

  25. Hi Schella, I found you by googling exercise for older women and I have been doing your workouts most days for the last 3 months or so. I love the fact that there is so much variety in the workouts so I am never bored but what is always the same is your smiling face and encouragement to carry on! I am going to have a go at your challenge and see how much I can fit in as some days I only have time for a 10 min workout before the “gym” turns into my home office!

  26. Hi shealla I am Chevie Oosthuizen from South Africa I can’t wait to start the 14 day challenge with you Chevie I am slightly Handicapped and my left side has been affected so I would like easy exercise on the weekend thank you so much I appreciate it Chevie

  27. Hi! Tried accessing the 14 day challenge, but couldn’t. All I could find is the 7 day challenge

  28. I finished the 14 day Challenge! Enjoyed it so much that I am now going to complete the 7 day Challenge and then rotate again through the challenges.

  29. I finished the 14 day challenge today, yay! Thank you Shellea, you are such a great motivator :). I am going to start the 7 day tomorrow and alternate them.

  30. Hola Schellea, YOU are amazing! I join my voice with the many women who come forward to share their thoughts.
    I subscribed August 12 2020. I started the 7 day challenge program and I love it. And, I will continue determines in implementing exercising with you everyday.
    I read many of the testimonies before mine and I can confidently say that you are an extraordinary motivator.
    Bless you.

  31. Day 1 of the 7 day challenge complete. I can’t wait for tomorrow even though I’m tired tonight. Schellea, you are so motivational and sweet. It’s like working out with an old friend. Time just flew by and I was done before I knew it. Thank you for these videos. I needed them so much❤️

  32. Absolutely thrilled that I found you and these videos. I’m 55, my goal is to lose 30kg, feeling really motivated thanks to you and following a calorie counting heathy diet, for myself, my health, fitness and longevity. Good luck and all the best to all you ladies over 50, doing something for ourselves. X

  33. Absolutely loving the 7 day workout. You have so many wonderful workouts it often takes me a while to choose one. ,using the guide I can just get straight on with my workouts. Thank you Schellea you truly are fabulous ❤️

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